Pinko #1

Our first print issue contains a brief statement of our editorial orientation, dispatches from the Puerto Rican uprising and the Kentucky coal miners' blockade, essays about the communization of care and Kuwasi Balagoon, archival documents from groups like Third World Gay Revolution, and more.

OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Editors' Note
Our task is not to deliver a new agenda or provide a program, but to clarify and reflect the activity that trannies, dykes, faggots and militants are already taking up.
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
San Juan is Burning
After five centuries of blows, this was the one Puerto Rico would fight back against the hardest.
by Hector Lionel
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
At Cloverlick
An Interview with the Blackjewel Miners’ Blockade
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Trans Oral Histories: Sex Work
How did people get by?
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Desiring the Tribe
Indigenous life is already a kind of gay communism
by Lou Cornum
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Communizing Care
Communes are answers to the essential question that will arise in a revolutionary process: “How can we take care of each other?”
by ME O'Brien
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Kuwasi Balagoon: On Lineage
Finding Balagoon was like finding a long-lost love
by Jasmine Gibson
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Beneath Everything
Tonight is a great night to refuse our deaths
by Clandestine Whores Network
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Preface to the Archives
A brief introduction to Pinko's interest in publishing archival testimony and writing
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
Sixteen Point Platform and Program
Sixteen Point Platform and Program of Third World Gay Revolution
by Third World Gay Revolution
OCTOBER 15, 2019PINKO #1
From the Amphitheater of the Dead
An excerpt from the Amphitheater of the Dead
by Guy Hocquenghem