On Political Violence

November 9, 2022Web

A conversation on fascist mobilization and queer/trans community self-defense

Straight America You Won't Ruin Me

October 11, 2022Web

How a large autonomous coalition shut down "Straight Pride"

by Frank Clarke

Since August 2020

October 3, 2022Web

Stories from LGBT+ people from Belarus

by Anton Klimovich and Daria Traiden

Dispatches from Among the Damned

September 29, 2022Web

It seems that what transantagonism is helping to overcome is the divide between a subjugated Black internal colony and the dominating settler colonial civil society.

by Nsambu Za Suekama

Towards a ☭ueer Marxism

January 24, 2022Web

The Rojo del Arcoíris manifesto

by Rojo del Arcoíris

On Christopher Chitty

September 7, 2020Pinko #2

An introduction to the work of a late comrade

by Max Fox

Trans Oral History Project: Working Retail

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

Aspects of retail lend themselves to being a form of trans work

by the Trans Oral History Project

Desiring the Tribe Part II

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

Welcome to the Indian Captivity Kink Workshop. Let’s discuss boundaries.

by Lou Cornum


September 4, 2020Pinko #2

Hermaphroditism shows up the unfixed nature of the human. It is the writhing reality of the plastic that always characterizes the flesh.

by Jules Gleeson

The Dutch Disease of Homosexuality

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

The commodity form has transformed the essential coordinates of human sexuality

by Christopher Chitty

Liberating Sex

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

On smut and sci-fi

by Samuel Delany


September 4, 2020Pinko #2

The safe sex party, or, what does water do to the fish

by JB Brager

Homosexuals Massacred in Chile!

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

Declaration of the Homosexual Liberation Front of Argentina

by Frente de Liberación Homosexual de la Argentina

On Faggots and Class Struggle

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

An attempt to concieve of faggot organizing as intimately connected to the contradictions of socially reproductive labor

by Ben Miller

Open Faggotry Works to Unify the Working Class

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

To come out in itself can be a revolutionary act, an attack on the sexual division of labor

by Jamie

Reactionary Masculinity

September 4, 2020Pinko #2

Early German movements for homosexual liberation had mixed results

by Gilles Dauvé

How We Survive

August 24, 2020Web

We live by sharing what little we have with those who are needier still. We know that others will do likewise

by Gay Post Collective

Inside Agitator

August 10, 2020Pinko #2

One thing that this pandemic taught me in my organizing was that I had to teach people how to cooperate first

by Stevie Wilson

A Life In Refusal Of Death

July 23, 2020Pinko #2

We Demand Everything

by the Pinko collective

Essential Workers Inquiry: Norma

July 20, 2020Web

There's a necessary faith that remains with me through the spirit of my gramma's AME church background

by Norma Xavier

Finding Pleasure in Care

June 19, 2020Web

"I survived, but over the years I have learned that survival is not enough."

by Edna Bonhomme

Plague Bodies

June 15, 2020Web

At its core, the social and political afterlife of disease might work in the service of the empire or against it.

by Edna Bonhomme

Tending the Fires

June 8, 2020Web

From a cop car to a precinct, what burns next?

COVID-19, Capitalism and the Calculus of Disaster

May 29, 2020Web

Why did the preeminent "biopolitical state" fail to stop a pandemic?

by Jeffrey Escoffier

Essential Workers Inquiry: River

May 20, 2020Web

What about work which has not been classified as essential but has been interrupted?

by Elio Beale and River

Essential Workers Inquiry: Justin

May 15, 2020Web

How do you destroy a violent system of care when it’s all you’ve got?

by Justin Hogg

Policing the Pandemic

May 13, 2020Web

Alexander McClelland shares his work on the Policing the Pandemic project and possible anarchist approaches to COVID-19

by Alexander McClelland

Essential Workers Inquiry

April 14, 2020Web

"They think we’re idiots and that we don’t talk to each other. Everyone is talking to each other."

by An Anonymous Essential Worker

Covid-19 in Prison

April 1, 2020Web

Two demands from incarcerated organizers

by Stevie Wilson

Report from Lebanon’s Revolution

December 25, 2019Web

Two brief perspectives on the ongoing revolution in Lebanon

by Ali Muhammad, Ali Khalil and Fadi Mansour

From the Amphitheater of the Dead

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

An excerpt from the Amphitheater of the Dead

by Guy Hocquenghem

Sixteen Point Platform and Program

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Sixteen Point Platform and Program of Third World Gay Revolution

by Third World Gay Revolution

Preface to the Archives

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

A brief introduction to Pinko's interest in publishing archival testimony and writing

Beneath Everything

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Tonight is a great night to refuse our deaths

by Clandestine Whores Network

Kuwasi Balagoon: On Lineage

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Finding Balagoon was like finding a long-lost love

by Jasmine Gibson

Communizing Care

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Communes are answers to the essential question that will arise in a revolutionary process: “How can we take care of each other?”

by ME O'Brien

Desiring the Tribe

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Indigenous life is already a kind of gay communism

by Lou Cornum

Trans Oral Histories: Sex Work

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

How did people get by?

At Cloverlick

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

An Interview with the Blackjewel Miners’ Blockade

San Juan is Burning

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

After five centuries of blows, this was the one Puerto Rico would fight back against the hardest.

by Hector Lionel

Editors' Note

October 15, 2019Pinko #1

Our task is not to deliver a new agenda or provide a program, but to clarify and reflect the activity that trannies, dykes, faggots and militants are already taking up.


June 15, 2019Web

Part of the work of the struggle will be the creation of new language and new concepts with which to grasp capitalist sexual and gender relations. A journal is a crucial tool in this regard