Coronavirus Open

An Online Event

In this moment of social distancing, PINKO invites everyone to our shared working process. As a collective, we make all our editorial and publishing decisions together and autonomously, given that we move and reside apart from each other, and many of our meetings are conducted simultaneously in person and online. We want to open our process of collaboratively working at a distance to our friends and readers.

We think it is vital that communists, homosexuals, anarchists and other faggots work together to respond materially and intellectually to this crisis of health and autonomy. We hope to gather such responses in our next issue and to share them as soon as possible on our website. This Thursday (March 19), we invite you to an open writing of a Corona Virus Syllabus. We will share texts (historical, scientific, theoretical, fictional, difficult, breezy) and strategies to read, write and work through together.

This will include a conference call and open document, so we can speak and write together. Hope you hear you there.

The open document and instructions for joining the chat can be found here.

We will begin our conversation at 17:30 GMT-4 (NYC Time) on 19 March 2020 and continue sharing responses to the current political conditions until around 20:00, but our document will remain open for a few days.

We are sharing things in this document, which anyone is welcome to edit, and in a video chat hosted by Google here:

You can also submit contributions to our open syllabus via this form.