June 27, 2024 • Queer Palestine

Announcing Queer Palestine

The Pinko collective is proud to announce the upcoming release of Queer Palestine, guest edited by Eman Abdelhadi, Kaleem Hawa, and Jasper Saah. A nearly 100-page book of photos, interviews, and art from queer Palestinians, including those who remain in Gaza, the collection turns their dreams, desires, and record of struggles into a mode of survival.

All proceeds from the sale of this project will go to direct relief for two of the people interviewed, one of whom is in Gaza City and one who has since evacuated to Cairo. As the editors write in their introduction: “This zine assembles a queer Palestinian existence as one part of collective Palestinian existence—itself a threat, itself an articulation of all those around the world who resist extermination.”

Queers in the West can support our siblings in Gaza in their struggle for self-determination by helping them resist genocidal extermination now. The book will go on sale in early July, with proceeds going directly to these contributors on the ground.